Adam Palma’s Visit to Poland

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I get a lot of emails from guitarists of all ages with different experiences and problems. I think it will collect all the questions that to me direct and create recurring columns, in which I would advise you refute some of the myths – and maybe yourself to learn new things. In the first column, I would like to raise the issue of lack of faith in myself and how to meet obstacles we encounter. What to do if it seems to us that everything is against our career as the guitarist / musician that constantly thrown us are roadblocks in, the lack of appropriate instrument, lack of family traditions, support for parents, or the lack of a music school in the area. I think that each of us was in a situation when observing his guitar idol in the head gave birth to the questions – why it is easier, why him everything goes and successful, while I stand at the same level, and why all his favors on “the road to the stars”, which he differs from me? Already I answer, almost like nothing.
Actually, the difference between your favorite guitar player and you is that he firmly believed in themselves and in their success and stubbornly sought to the place where he found himself.
While that may sound like a cliché, it is faith in yourself and consequence of action differentiates you from Malmsteen, Emmanuel, Satriani and any other guitar player, whom you admire. Of course it is easier to believe that “someone” at the top of the distributed talents and happened to me overlooked or believe that if I had a guitar and amplifier as my favorite then it would just played.Well it is not.
Talent is only 10% and the rest is hard work; Hendrix Malmsteen, Emmanuel etc. they all practice / practiced every day after a few hours. Please do not believe in fairy tales of brilliant guitarists who shortly after waking up and getting out of bed played a solo life. All the great guitarists I know toil hard and practice, practice and practice again. Each of us has the 10% top-down data, the remaining 90% is in our rękach- and here różnimy- some exercise, others only talk (or not practice what you have …) (The subject – which means “practice” back in one of the following columns.)
“I had such equipment as XY, I would then so too was played. Unfortunately grałbyś so! Hardware is only a small component of your sound. Please see as well-known guitarists random testing instruments, although they have a different sound, a different guitar, then with your eyes closed, you know who’s on her game. Attachments (guitars, amplifiers, effects) are strictly optional, and not the merits of the case. I remember once Aquarium Pat Metheny came to a jam session right after his concert at the Congress Hall. Clean guitar strapped to a well-worn amplifier that there just stood there and everything made ​​sense. Just on YouTube to see how well-known guitarists such as, for example. T.Emmanuel play the guitar given to them for testing. Of course, the color changes, but the music remains the same.

Quick Look on Adam Palma’s First CD Released: Good Morning



1.Rocky Mountains (A.Palma)

2.When Tommy meets Chet (A.Palma)

3.Mercy,mercy,mercy (J.Zawinul arr. A.Palma)

4.Inspector Gadget (Theme from “Inspector Gadget” arr. A.Palma)

5.Ragtime for everyone (A.Palma)

6.Love and marriage (J.Van Heusen arr. A.Palma)

7.Pick up the pieces (Average White Band arr. A.Palma)
8.Grandma (A.Palma)
9.Bo we mnie jest sex (Przybora/Wassowski arr.
10.That’s all right (A.Crudup arr. A.Palma)

Total time 30’

Adam Palma Up-Close: Performances and Achievements


Adam Palma first started playing the guitar in 1986. His formal music education started in Poland some years later and in 1999 , he graduated from The Music Academy in Katowice, – Faculty of Jazz and Popular Music .

Adam has been working as a session guitarist since 1998 and has played with several of the best Polish jazz and pop musicians, singers, arrangers and composers, including some international artistes such as Chris de Burgh and Hamish Stuart (Average White Band).

Influenced by a wide variety of musical styles from the rock of Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie van Halen, Doobie Brothers to the country of Albert Lee, Brent Mason, the acoustic guitar of Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel, the jazz of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Miles Davies – still loves to have AC/DC and Frank Sinatra songs together in his car’s CD player

His work and experience is vast and includes:

  • solo work and playing as a band member, performing throughout Europe, Canada and USA;
  • recording experience, including TV and radio shows.
  • responsibility for the guitar parts in Polish productions of “Grease”, “Cats” and “Dance of Vampires”.
  • organisation and delivery of Music Workshops across Poland.

Although Adam claims he is a rock guitarist, his skills are diverse, and include fingerstyle acoustic guitar. After he had heard “The day of fingerpickers took over the world” by Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel in 2005, he began the journey of mastering this style. Recently his hard work was acknowledged by non less than the world famous Tommy Emmanuel, who has invited Adam to take part in the most prestigious guitar event in the world : The CAAS Chet Atkins Appreciation Society in Nashville in July 2009. A fantastic accolade for Adam and recognition from such a fingerstyle guitar master.

Having shared a living between Poland and UK since 2006, Adam is becoming firmly established as a brilliant guitar player, composer, arranger and teacher. His career will surely go from strength to strength.

The 19th International Guitar Festival of Great Britain


Adam Palma: Birkenhead Town Hall 13th November 2007 a Tuesday night at the town hall and its acoustic, acoustic all the way. The evening opened with Adam Palma taking to the high stage area and producing a beautiful controlled and easy flowing performance. Effortlessly he went through a set which demonstrated his particular style of guitar playing – almost vamping – highlighted by a great version of the Average White Band’s classic Pick up the Pieces and also a moving tribute to the late Joe Zawinul.


Great Day with Adam Palma


At Bass Day 2009 in Manchester I saw Polish guitar wizard Adam Palma. He has worked with many of the top pop and jazz artists in Poland and with international names including Chris de Burgh and the Average White Band’s Hamish Stuart.

This is a startling album of solo acoustic guitar played fingerstyle with no overdubs or studio tricks – I say startling because at times you would think there were two or even three guitars. Many of the songs are originals, such as the bluesy opener ‘Rocky Mountains’ which displays dexterity I’ve only heard on records by the world’s finest players. I also love the chord changes in his gorgeous ‘When Tommy meets Chet’ and here Palma’s sense of humour is in evidence.

That same sense of humour surfaces on his rendition of the ‘Inspector Gadget’ theme. And it’s impossible not to smile during his staccato version of ‘Love and Marriage’. I’d love to hear this as part of a movie soundtrack – it really does bring something new, warm and endearing to an old song.

He offers a respectful take on Joe Zawinul’s ‘Mercy, Mercy, Mercy’ and how one man and one guitar bring the drama of this song to an audience I’m struggling to understand – but he does it. His arrangement has the melody line and bassline crossing in a way I’ve not heard before. And his use of harmonics leaves me speechless. The Average White Band connection is here: ‘Pick up the Pieces’ chugs like it should with one guitar providing rhythm, bass and melody. There’s nothing missing here…

Found Another Adam Palma’s Gem

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I always find it amazing when Adam goes freestyle with his acoustic guitar. There is something about his technique that makes him unique from other artists. In this video, you will see how he effortlessly does the magic with his guitar. This is what I usually see or observe when he goes all out with his live performances, and also the same reason why I ended up becoming a huge fan. Watch this video below:

And this was his message to his fans:

“For all of you who emailed me, texted me and poked me on FB asking to record “Positively Mad” in a close-up, here it is!
Please mind that the song’s been evolving since I composed it and recorded on my album 2012. So this version is a bit different to the album track!

My instructional DVD “Acoustic Blues Adventures with Adam Palma” will be released soon!

Also, I am going to launch “How to play ACOUSTIC GUITAR with Adam Palma” course on YouTube, which will be based on Q&A basis.”

You can also check out the following links below for more awesome music.

Intro to Adam Palma Fan Site Guitar Lessons


Welcome to the Adam Palma fan site guitar lessons. The lessons in this segment were created specifically for newbies who are more than willing to enhance their guitar skills and those who want to start with the basics. As we all know, every beginner should be comfortable with the instruments they choose. You don’t really need any previous knowledge to get started with this segment. Yes, even some of the pros today started from scratch. We also hope to cover everything you need—from the basics of both acoustic style and rocking the electric guitar.

We really recommend dropping by our guitar lessons in our blog site from time to time so you can easily develop your skills. In our next posts we will discuss some useful topics like getting comfortable with the instrument, overview of the series, the numbering systems of the guitar, basic guitar parts and their functions, the guitar string names, tuning the guitar, strumming techniques, first guitar chords, two more guitar chords, playing your first full song, musical, and even buying your first guitar.

We will also discuss some advanced guitar lessons that cover things like 8 chords you must know, essential strumming techniques, the common mistakes, and how to play 10 songs with 4 chords. In addition, we will post some Adam Palma guitar lessons for everyone. You will see your progress in no time! For the meantime, enjoy this guitar lessons with yours truly, Sir Adam Palma. Watch the video below:

Adam Palma Jamming with Tommy Emmanuel in 2009


Now, this is one of the best things that ever happened—yes this is me just claiming it, but I’m sure others would totally agree with me. The show with Tommy Emmanuel was really something that I really enjoyed. I wished I had the chance to see them perform live, but the whatnot, thanks to the uploader of the video. While Adam is known for showcasing his talent to every tour or concert he’s been to, this is something else—yes, AGAIN!

In one of his interviews, Adam met another guitarist sensation and music legend, Tommy Emmanuel in Wolverhampton. He also had chance to meet John Knowles somewhere in December 2009. He mentioned how fortunate he was to meet Tommy and get to jam with him some Django’s songs. He also said he would definitely be nicking some of his harmonics. It was a great performance all in all.

Watch the video below.


Reliving the Journey: October 2011 UK Tours


Just want to share one of the best UK tours of yours truly, Sir Adam Palma. Below is a list of some of the best shows you’ll ever see. Just try to listen to this entertaining artistry. Brace yourselves as you witness great acoustic sounds and vocals. This is actually 4 years ago, but I just had to share it with my fellow music enthusiasts. All in all, I really think this is one of the best of Adam Palma.

October 4, 2011: Night and Day, Manchester with Kristyna Myles

In this long colorful UK tour, he also performed in The Central Gateshead, Red Lion, Dindsford Cheshire, Ullapool Guitar Festival, The Guitar Bar in Nottingham, Cooler Jazz and Blues Festival in Bath, The Courtyard, Hereford, Seamus Ennis Centre, Naul, Ireland, An Cruiscin Lan, Cork, Ireland, The Stables Theatre in Milton Keynes, The Elgin, Nothing Hill in London, The Prince Albert in Stroud, and in Haverhills Arts Centre in Suffolk. in addition, he also managed some guitar workshops in most of his visit in the United Kingdom.

After this tour, Palma has earned a lot of recognition from his fans and other music artists. He was invited to several shows by some of the best music artists. Although it is quite evident that his talent is really something everyone should be something to be looked up to, it’s still such a big treat for those who actually seen him perform on stage when he started uploading videos of his shows. He then started teaching guitar lessons, which will be featured in our next posts. So again, stay tuned for more!




Adam Palma 3

You might have heard about one of the best acoustic guitarists, Adam Palma. His style in music is really something else. This is one of the reasons why I actually started this blog. As a music enthusiast, I just want to reintroduce the greatness of this unique artist. So let’s start something about his life and passion.

Adam Palma photo by Bluesonline

In my research, Adam Palma actually started playing the guitar in 1986. From there, you can witness his talents. According to news, he travelled all the way to Poland to get his formal music education. Few years later, he graduated from the Music Academy, yes with honor—Facutly of Jazz and Pop music. He has been working as a session guitarists since 1998, and has played with some of the best Polish Jazz and pop musicians, singers, arrangers and composers. He also had a chance to work with some international music icons—the likes of Martin Taylor, Sake Davis, Tommy Emanuel, Garry Porter, Joscho Stephan, Richard Smith, Jack Pearson (The Allman Brothers, Hamish Stuart, Chris de Burgh (the Average White Band, Paul McCartney, Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer, Paul Mccartney. In addition, he also had shows for the world class guitarists, Albert Lee and Will Wyman. Yes, his resume is really off the hook!

From his musical styles, you can see several of great and well-known influences like Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, Randy Rhoads, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie van Helen, and the Doobie Brothers. You may also notice a fusion of country masterpieces of Albert Lee, Brent Mason, the acoustic guitar of Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, and Al Di Meola, the jazz of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Miles Davies. He would also mention other music icons like AC/DC and Frank Sinatra.

And this is just the start of his bright journey. Stay tune for more information and musical adventure of one of the best guitarists in the world, Adam Palma. I will also feature some of his music in this blog. So enjoy, and get ready to update your playlist!

Check out this video of Adam in action!